Welcome to the Veggie Extract Revolution

  • By RussellStone Group
  • 09 Nov 2017

As of 1 September 2017, Rugani Juice will be the newest addition to the RussellStone Group family. So it’s only fitting that we get to know this asset a bit better. Greenway Farms, founded by Vito Rugani and Vincent Sequeira is South Africa’s leading carrot farm. 40% of all fresh carrots consumed daily derive from Greenway Farms under the brand Rugani. As with any industrious entrepreneurs, these pioneers took on the challenge to turn high quality produce of an unsatisfactory appearance on the fresh produce market into a value-added premium product. They were set on developing something new – not just another processing plant.

Uncle Vito followed the academic route and discovered a carrot juice professor and enthusiast in Italy that had gotten ground breaking veggie juice extraction down to a fine art. After years of research, development finally got underway. The machinery used in the extraction process is so unique that each component was custom built by small family engineering businesses. Now complete and fully operational, this juicing plant is one of a kind, extracting veggies to make astounding products with remarkable health benefits. What makes this product so unique and nutritious? It comes down to 4 crucial variables:

Harvested Daily…

Veggie extraction occurs on the farm daily from freshly harvested produce, is never made from concentrate and is easily traceable. Rugani Juice can introduce you to the farmer, give the exact date of harvest and even specify the piece of land that nourished a particular batch of extracted veggies. This is unheard of in conventional juicing, where seasonal fruit is converted into a concentrate, traded globally and can sit for years before being processed, making traceability an impossible task.

No Additives…

Rugani Juice’s innovative technology makes the purest health juice possible. No sugar, no water and no preservatives are added. Veggies are fed through the hole-in- the-wall from farm to facility, extracted and packaged as an almost pure juice. A touch of vitamin C guarantees safe consumption and no compromise on taste or nutritional goodness. Almost pure, versus conventional juice which is spoiled by food acid, mounds of sugar for palatability, colourants to liven up the dull appearance, and preservatives that enable a long shelf life.


In the 1990’s, pharmaceutical companies funded research into carotenoid beta-carotene, believing it to be the penicillin of the 21st century. They found that beta-carotene cannot be created artificially and takes different forms. The human body absorbs its rarest variant, cis-beta- carotene most efficiently, but only 2 to 4% of the total beta-carotene available in veggies is cis-beta-carotene. By accident, they discovered that beta-carotene in carrot juice converts into cis-beta- carotene after undergoing pasteurization, enabling the human body to capitalise on all its remarkable health benefits. Rugani Juice pasteurizes all veggie juice, making cis-beta- carotene highly bio-available in all our juices.

Captured Life Force, Bioavailability and Nutraceuticals…

A storage root is a plant’s pantry of life. Tubers, bulbs and other modified storage roots have always been renowned for their healing properties once extracted. Carrot, ginger, turmeric, radishes, celeriac and beetroot are no exception. Freshly harvested and immediately extracted, the powerful medicinal properties are successfully captured in a highly bio-available and stable form, and will remain so if sealed away in aseptic packaging immediately. Simply put, this is capturing Life Force. Capturing Life Force opens up the nutraceutical vacuum – optimising human absorption of key nutrients in foods to boost health and healing. This quality can only be realised when the farmer is both producer and processor, giving credibility to Rugani Juice’s motto – “still growing at sunrise and sealed away by sunset”.

Welcome to the family Rugani Juice!