The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We view people as assets, not resources.

Russell du Preez

Executive Chairman

Russell du Preez is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of the RussellStone Group. He holds a BCom Economics (Hons) (University of Pretoria) and recently earned his master's degree from University of Pretoria in Agricultural Economics. The active role he has played in the agricultural sector over the past 30 years has allowed him to build up a rich network of people and businesses, as well as invaluable experience within the industry. The industries in which he specialises include grain and oilseed trading, imports/exports and fund management. He is a well-rounded entrepreneur with a passion for promoting the fundamental importance of title in an economy. 

Deon Haasbroek

Financial Director

Deon Haasbroek has been the Financial Director of the RussellStone Group for the past 15 years. He is a Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession and is a director of various companies within the group’s portfolio. Deon is the driving force behind the RussellStone Group’s endeavours, bringing the best out of each team member.

Jaco van der Westhuizen

Director: Farming and Trading

Jaco van der Westhuizen is the Managing Director of the Pretoria branch of the Grainvest Group. He started his career in the agricultural sector in 2003 at the RussellStone Group as an Agricultural Trader and has since grown to become the trading manager over our entire agricultural supply chain. Jaco is a specialist in the grain and oilseed trading environment, and agricultural value chain integration.

De Villiers Kroon

Director: Trading

De Villiers is the Managing Director of Grainvest Physicals, the grain trading division of RussellStone Group. He holds a BCom Economics (Hons) degree with a background in BCom Money and Banking. He has been with RussellStone since 2003 where he started as an Agricultural Trader. De Villiers specialises in trading and the management of the grain groups divisions and he is an expert Agricultural trader.

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